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Coffin Box service

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We are aware of the fact that death is a tragedy that comes without any invitation. It is an inevitable event of life that you cannot ever prepare for. As your loved one or a family member bids goodbye, you would always want to give them a farewell that is memorable and would give peace to their soul. Although no one ever wishes to buy a Coffin Box for their loved one, the need is essential and cannot be avoided.

At this time of difficulty, we make sure that you do not have to face any hassles when looking for a perfect coffin box service forbidding the last adieu to your loved one. Our range of coffin boxes come in different shapes and sizes and can be utilized to transport safely. We don't mind going that extra mile in turning things around for you. A coffin box is the least that anyone would even think of. Although no one wishes to buy this, the need is indispensable. Tell us your need and we will try to get the box delivered accordingly. Ambulance Service in Guntur, FreezerBox in Guntur, Coffinbox, Freezerbox or Ambulance in Guntur.


Freezerbox Service

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FreezerBox & Ambulance Services in Guntur have got the proven track record over the years for providing 24 hours freezerbox services which are made available almost instantly after the call is made at 7997949588. We hire, we manufacture and we also supply freezer boxes and offer you the services at anytime of the day 24x7. As we understand the demand for keeping the mortal remains of the loved ones in a safe condition is the need of the hour and the absence of a well-equipped and advanced freezerbox makes it very difficult for families to perform the last rites in the way they deserve. Santhi FreezerBox services offer wide range of body freezerboxes in Guntur region, with high-tech capabilities which allows the mortal remains to be kept in the freezerbox for a prolonged period of time without any hassles. Ambulance Service in Guntur, FreezerBox in Guntur, Freezerbox or Ambulance in Guntur.


Ambulance Service

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Patient shifting throughout Guntur and other adjoining areas with ventilator, monitor with paramedical staffs. /C & Non A/C Ambulance: We are a prominent ambulance service provider in Guntur; our only goal is to meet the critical condition of our customer with both A/C and Non A/C Ambulance Service. We serve ambulance service with an instant call at our helpline number. Tempo Type A/C Ambulance is the service offering which caters to the helpline call within the proximal distance of 3-4 kms. The tempo type is equipped with oxygen cylinder and can be used up to 1000 kms without having to re-fill the cylinder. OMNI Ambulance: The OMNI Ambulance service caters to the individuals who have met with accident and requiring special attention immediately. The ambulance is equipped with oxygen facility and vehicle stretchers for immediate revival. We are always ready to help with our range of ambulance services like Ambulance Services for ICU, On-road Ambulance Services, On-road Ambulance Services.Ambulance Service in Guntur, FreezerBox in Guntur, Coffinbox, Freezerbox or Ambulance in Guntur.